Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Bee Hive – My turn!

You may have heard about the fabulous Bee Hive blog hop that Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts is running. It's all about focusing on great blocks, that while pretty on their own, also make a fabulous repeat pattern. You should see the list of designers that are taking part!

I'm the lucky first one! Naturally my pattern is a paper pieced one. You're surprised right? No shocked, I'm sure! ;) But really -  paper pieced patterns are awesome for cool design repeats in a quilt. Don't worry though - it's a nice simple one!

Here’s the block I designed – called Star Plus.

Pop over to Alyce's blog for my guest post and all the details!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Zoo Animals – January Block

Hello! And a happy new year to you! I hope 2015 is a fabulous year filled with fabric, fun, friends and much sewing!

To get you started, why not join in my new paper pieced Block of the Month!

 Zoo Animals! Yay! There are 9 patterns which will take you through to September. That gives you the last few months of the year to get the patterns finished and put together into a fun quilt or wallhanging.

Each pattern makes a 10” block. The patterns range in skill level and I will be sharing the easier ones first leading up to the hardest at the end (I’m looking at you Mr Lion). Each month there will be one free pattern made available. It becomes a paid pattern on the 1st of the next month (Australian time because I’m Australian) and the next pattern becomes available. Or if you can’t wait for all of the patterns to become available, you can pick up the entire bundle in my new shop.
So let’s get started! Let’s bring in the new year with this fabulous happy fellow – the flamingo!

You can pop by my shop and pick this pattern up for free during January. I can’t wait to see how you make this pattern your own. Make sure you pop back and link it up here to share your version!

Last but not least - a massive thank you to the very talented Christopher (The Tattooed Quilter)
 for giving my patterns a design overhaul and making them look all sparkly and new! Yay!

Happy sewing!

Monday, 29 December 2014

A New Shop!

Hi quilty types,
I promised an update on my pattern shop and here it is. But briefly, an explanation for tall this mess. VAT has become a very bad word in my house. This new VAT law that the EU is bringing into effect on the 1st January 2015 is impacting small digital businesses like mine all over the world. It is incredibly frustrating that this new law now demands I work out tax on sales to EU customers (with 75 different tax rates..), plus collect two pieces of evidence about my customers addresses (oh and store it for 10 years) and make quarterly payments to each government of the EU State. I don’t have the time, nor the inclination, nor the business head for that kind of nonsense.

Sadly. Craftsy is not really addressing this issue to make it easier for small sellers like me. I have loved selling my patterns via the Craftsy platform but it is no longer viable for me. So I am moving my pattern store. I will be selling now via PayHip (thanks Juliet from the TartanKiwi for the heads up on this option!). Which I am thrilled to say for a small commission on each transaction takes care of all the VAT mess for me. Hooray!

payhip shop

So I am still selling patterns! Just via a new shop. You can click through to it here, or via the Shop tab up above. There is only a small downside. Currently you cannot purchase multiple files at a time (though when I asked about this, I was assured it’s on their To-Do List for early next year – fingers crossed).

I have over 100 patterns for purchase that I need to upload. As you can understand that is rather time consuming so I am slowly adding to the shop, but have at least listed the most popular ones first (so you will no longer find those on Craftsy).

I will leave my Craftsy shop listing only my free patterns. You will have to go to my new shop for the rest of them. It’s messy, I know, but so is this entire VAT law crap. At least it doesn’t mean I have to shut shop entirely (which was a consideration).

So I will post soon about the new BoM which will start on the 1st January – stay tuned! And thanks for your understanding as I slowly move my pattern store over!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

An Update of Sorts

Hi quilty types! I know I've been promising to post about the new paper piecing BoM for next year. Don't worry - it's still definitely happening. I'm just in the process of sorting out what to do with pattern sales and all this VAT mess. I'm sure you've seen lots of people posting about it of late, and the dilemma we digital pattern sellers are facing. I'm looking at a solution whereby I can still sell my patterns to everybody (regardless of whether you're in the EU or not - because I don't want EU quilters being penalised because of this stupid law) but not add a massive amount of work to my plate with sorting of tax rates and the rest. I do not have a head for numbers. And I simply don't have the time for that extra work.

I think I have found a solution but I'm still working on it. It will cost me a bit more though in fees so there may be an increase in pattern price to help cover that. I'll keep it as minimal as possible and hope you'll still love me :P And I will still have my free patterns available on Craftsy. I will update about my pattern shop as soon as I possibly can.

 I've been a bit under the weather of late and please note - this is totally not a pity post, no one likes pity! - it's a here's what's going on post so people will hopefully understand why I'm a bit lax with blogging, sewing and designing. I have some lousy auto immune issues going on, and my specialist just confirmed fibromyalgia as a part of it. With such a fun combination of blergh, all I want to do is sleep. And when I am up to sewing or designing, I can only do it for a short amount of time before my joints and muscles all go HELL NO. It's incredibly frustrating, but I'm working on how to deal with it. And that means not blogging or designing as much as I'd like to. So please bear with me as I muddle through all this!

In the meantime - fun news! The awesome Christopher (the Tattooed Quilter) has been doing some revamping of my pattern layouts and making them look super fabulous! I'm a bit excited as I've needed to overhaul my pattern layouts for a while. It's even better when a superstar offers to help you out! Thanks Christopher! So I shall leave you with a little sneak peek of the awesomeness that Christopher has created! Look out for more next year ;)

Shall be back soon hopefully with a pattern shop update! In the meantime, have a fabulous holiday season and I hope there's some fabric under the tree for you!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Giveaway Day!

.: Giveaway now CLOSED :.
Congratulations to the winner - Cath! I have emailed you :)

Yay it’s giveaway day! So fun – so many blogs to visit – so many giveaways to enter! So thanks for stopping by here!
Let’s keep it short and sweet as there’s plenty to see and do during Giveaway Day.
Short: I’m Kristy and I love to paper piece. That is all.

Okay maybe a little longer – I do love to foundation piece and I also design paper pieced patterns – you can find them in my Craftsy shop (see the Craftlet on the right for a quick look at my patterns). I have a BoM coming up next year which I’m a bit excited about. I will be announcing more about that later.

I’m also one third of the Make Modern team – a new digital modern quilting magazine which we’re very passionate about! We also have a fab giveaway over on the MM blog you might like to check out too.

Now for the sweet. Up for grabs for giveaway day is this sweet charm pack of Odds and Ends by Cosmo Cricket. There are some seriously cute text prints in this charm pack and the lovely subdued colours we all love from Cosmo Cricket.


All you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment. Need an idea for what sort of comment to leave? Let’s go with: What’s your favourite sort of project to sew? Too easy.

You can gain extra entries by doing the following:
* follow my blog
* follow me on Instagram (@quietplay).

Just make sure you leave me –separate- comments saying how you follow me or your IG name. So a total of three possible chances for three separate comments.

Giveaway closes Saturday 8am Aussie time (that’s still Friday for our northern hemisphere friends) and I will email the winner. That’s all folks. Happy blog hopping and good luck!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Pattern Sale!

 Hey lovely quilters!

Can I just stop here and say a massive thank you to each and every one of you that has bought or downloaded one of my patterns? I have just hit 75 000 downloads (paid + free) in my Craftsy shop! That’s right – 75 000. Whoa. My LEGO Star Wars patterns have certainly helped with that hehe!

Unfortunately Craftsy doesn’t allow for coupon codes to be used so I can’t just give you a discount coupon to go crazy with (sad, I know). Instead I have marked down the top ten patterns from my store. They are all 20% off! If you would desperately like a different pattern or bundle with a discount, then please email me and I will invoice you directly with the discount and email you the pattern upon payment. You can go shopping here! (affiliate link because fabric money is important to a gal Winking smile )

Top 10 Store Patterns for Quiet Play

Happy shopping and sewing my friends! Oh and stay tuned… I will be announcing next year’s BoM all official-like soon! Smile

Monday, 24 November 2014

Going Geometric

Of late I’ve really been crushing on geometric designs. There’s just something about them – especially when done in shades of one colour. They just make me want to design and sew all the things!

So when I started stalking my partner for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt swap… the geometric animal idea was sort of there in the back of my mind. I was tempted to do a bird because well, I love birds. But let’s be honest, that would have been more for me than for my partner! So I settled on a bear. So secret partner – this was designed just for you!


Here’s the block I made. Obviously I still need to make it into the mini quilt but I was a bit excited and wanted to share my progress. I used 7 different shades of  blue. I think the hardest part was trying not to have the same in sections next to each other.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing a few more geometric patterns popping up in the near future. I’m a bit addicted. But in the meantime, for those who’ve been asking for the bear pattern, I’ve listed it in my Craftsy shop!
Geo Bear