Saturday, 1 September 2012

Avast August!

 I couldn’t think of a good adjective starting with “a”. Awesome is a bit overdone on my blog, I think I use that word a lot. So as any good interwebs user would do, I googled it. And came up with a plethora (like that? That’s me playing “work a big word into a sentence” plus I think the word plethora is vastly under-used)!

I settled on “avast”. Apparently it means to slow down, or cease. And really, I’d kind of like to do that to the month of August. The year is progressing way too fast.  Although if I’m completely honest, I hear “avast” and want to break into my best pirate voice and yell “Avast me hearties! Yo ho ho and a barrel of rum!”.

But I digress.

This is supposed to be about what I managed to make in August. So as a picture is worth a thousand words (and I have probably written way too many words already), let’s look.

August collage

Okay so I cheated to make it look like I was super productive. 7 of those photos are all from one project. But I was using Pic Monkey and needed more photos to fill in this collage arrangement, so there you have it. Interested in any of these projects? Here are the blog links going clockwise.

1. PP minifigure, 2. PP train 3. PPP blog hop 4. PP minifigure 5. Mondrian inspired bee block 6. PP minifigure head 7. PP fire truck tote 8. PP minifigure 9. LEGO play mat back 10. PP umbrella zip pouches 11. PP minifigure 12. PP songbird tote 13. Textured cushion 14. PP lone star Bee block   Centre: LEGO playmat

That’s right. Only one of those projects was not paper pieced – addicted, moi? But as you can see – my main project of the month was the big (60” square) LEGO playmat. I’m pretty pleased with how that one turned out – hence all the photos of it.

And what’s up for September? Well it’s the month for birthdays in our family, mine, my son’s and my mum’s. So I think sewing some gifts is in order for two of those, and new fabric for one of them. Guess which is which.  (Don’t worry quilty gals, I haven’t broken my no-new-fabric ban – this is stuff I ordered before the ban. Honest!).

While you’re here – you might like to check out my giveaway offering for the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop or enter your own paper pieced project in the PPP blog hop linky party (yummy fabric gift vouchers for prizes!). But hurry – both those close in a few days.


PPP Blog hop header

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  1. Ack, is it September already?! You made a lot of great things. I don't know that I was nearly as productive. Happy birthday! My son'd 3rd is next week!

  2. Ok I'm pretty sure somebody shrunk August because I'm not ready for September yet! You've been sew busy! (did you like that little play on words?) Its a veritable cornucopia of sewn goodies - another word not used enough I believe!

  3. What a fab August you had. Your lego mini figures are great

  4. All that pirate Lego has addled your brain I think. Obviously not the sewing part of your brain though as the abundance of August projects amply demonstrates! (I had a bit of an alliteration thing going on there, sorry!)

  5. Avast indeed! Great job this month.

  6. That mosaic proves you are the pp queen- gorgeous makes!

  7. Now I'm thinking up pirate sayings!! Hahaha the mosaic with the cheated pictures....well you did get them all done on different days of the month so it counts. Looks like I'll have to go rustle up a mosaic now. Hope September has more than one project featured =P

  8. It looks like you had fun with paper piecing

  9. Oh yes, paper piecing! I love it and I hate it at the same time. Maybe I need to avast...just doesn't sound right, does it! Guess it's not a verb!
    Your mosaic looks great. Love lego!

  10. Oh a new word for my vocabulary - it definitely sounds like it needs to be said in a pirate tone! The Lego play mat deserves all those pics :-)

  11. What a great month! That lego mat has to go down in history as one of the coolest quilts ever (yes, I have a 6 year old boy in the house, so I might be biased!). Love it!

  12. So many fabulous projects - love the Lego mat!

  13. Ooh, pretty star Bee block!! Love the colours!!

  14. Interesting...I always thought avast was more of a greeting like "hi." Thanks for teaching me something new!

  15. wow, I am in love with those lego head blocks!!! so cool!


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